Taarika Thakore

University of Toronto St. George


Hi everyone, I’m Taarika! I know choosing a university can be very daunting and I would love to guide you through the process as a student advisor at UnivConnect.

I’m going into my third year at the University of Toronto as a Cognitive Science major with a minor in Biology and Psychology. Aside from academics, I’m part of the Toronto General Hospital’s SciHigh team to teach young students science using experiments! I also volunteer at UofT’s Brain Waves association to educate children on brain safety awareness and functional neuroanatomy. On the weekends, you can find me dancing with the OHDC crew and exploring the city!

UofT offers excellent academic programs as well as extracurricular opportunities. However, managing time and finding a balance can be intimidating in the beginning but I’m always happy to help!


Univconnect is not liable for decisions made by students, our student advisors are merely sharing their opinions and perspectives.

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