Saumya Mehta

Tufts University


Hey! I am Saumya, a rising sophomore at Tufts University. I plan to double major in Quantitative Economics and International Relations alongside a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Tufts’ emphasis on the nurturing of a well-rounded, curious human being before a white-collar professional is what endears the most to me about its liberal arts curriculum and intellectually playful community. The best part about being at a university with such a diverse array of opportunities is that you will always find that students are pursuing wide-ranging interests and hobbies. For instance, in addition to being involved in an eminent strategic consulting organization as well as the South Asian political research committee at Tufts, I am also a member of the university’s intercollegiate Raas/Garba and cricket teams. At Tufts, I get the chance to meet and learn from students who are pursuing such seemingly contrasting yet fascinating, personally rewarding endeavors everyday.

I would love to tell you more about the unique and awe-inspiring activities of Tufts students that make me proud to call myself a Jumbo. So feel free to get in touch :)


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