Anuj Shah

UC Berkeley


Hi, my name is Anuj Shah. I'm a rising junior at UC Berkeley and I study Computer Science & Theater. College has been a fun journey for me - kind of a fun rollercoaster ride academically and mentally. I came in undecided and went through a pile of majors before deciding on these two
In the last two years, I've dropped in and out of clubs/cliques on campus while figuring my interests - these include Berkeley India Speaker Series, Berkeley's Cricket Club, Berkeley Investment Group and a couple of more. It's a big platter to choose from. I love Berkeley's weather for the most part and it definitely was a deciding point for me in choosing my college. I enjoy studying CS at this school which is an entire vibe in itself and also love how underrated its theater department is, which allowed me to enter the field in the first place. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk about Cal.



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